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Are your tyres legal?

Have you checked the tread on your tyres recently? Did you remember to check the inside as well? If they have less than the legal tread depth (1.6mm on cars), you could find yourself in trouble. Perhaps you have a slow puncture and need it get repaired or replaced? We repair and we have a wide variety of new tyres in all price ranges for you to choose from (subject to availability). We cater for all budgets and can fit tyres on two, three, four or more wheeled vehicles.

Does your vehicle need a new exhaust?

Is your exhaust sounding different? If you are worried about it and need it looking at, bring it to us. We can advise you if it needs a repair or replacing, to give you complete peace of mind.

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Is your Air Conditioning making you a bit hot under the coller or leaving you misty-eyed?

If it's not keeping you cool in summer and quickly demisting your windscreen in winter then perhaps your system is running low on the ever more expensive refrigerant gas. Perhaps it has developed a leak or just needs a good service. We can test, sanitize and if necessary repair your air con system before servicing and refilling (even if it has the latest R1234yf gas) getting it working as good as new.